Four-Wheel vs. All-Wheel Drive at Mike Miller Mitsubishi

When it comes to knowing the details of all things automotive, Mike Miller Mitsubishi takes a backseat to no one. We know that our drivers may have not given much thought to drivelines, but the Mitsubishi brand has a wide variety to fit many driving conditions. This can be seen with the adventurous new 2019 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, the perfect 4WD car for those looking to take it on-road or off-road around the Peoria, IL area. As your trusted Mitsubishi dealership, we take pride in knowing which car will fit your particular needs. And while many people may confuse all-wheel drive interchangeably with four-wheel drive, there are some differences that we think our customers should know about.

Four-wheel drive (4WD) is often found on traditional SUVs and pickup trucks. It sends engine power through the transmission to a transfer case and through a differential to govern how much power goes to the front and rear wheels. Better 4WD systems can allocate power differently depending on which wheels have traction in order to ensure that you've always got the right amount of power where you need it.

All-wheel drive (AWD) is a more recent innovation and more commonly found on Mitsubishi cars and crossovers. It uses a box of gears -- called differentials – which takes power from the transmission and splits it at different levels between two wheels or the front and rear axles (four wheels). This system works to get power to the wheels with the most traction by splitting power between the front and rear axels on the center differential, and the individual wheels by way of the front and rear differentials.

There are some conditions under which both AWD and 4WD vehicles perform well in. If you encounter poor weather conditions, such as rain, sleet, snow, or on icy roads, either one will give you an added measure of safety and confidence. Although both will let you stray from the road a bit (a great example is the 2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross with AWD), 4WD has a low-gear setting that lets you leverage more power at lower speeds, which is especially useful if you're doing some serious off-roading, or getting a large cargo or tow load up or down a steep grade.

Which system is best for you will depend on how and where you drive, and the kinds of conditions you'll encounter along the way. Unless you're doing a lot of off-roading in awful conditions, all-wheel drive will be a good fit, and when it comes to the kinds of hazards faced by nearly every, we'll take either AWD or 4WD over front-wheel drive every time. If you're unsure or undecided, contact us stop by and see us at 2007 West Pioneer Parkway, or just a phone call away. We can help you evaluate your needs and driving habits to choose the new or used Mitsubishi car that will work best for your needs. We look forward to seeing you soon!