Finance Your Mitsubishi Vehicle at Mike Miller Mitsubishi

Mike Miller Mitsubishi, a well-established Mitsubishi dealer in Peoria, IL, prides itself on offering customers in Pekin, IL and Morton, IL a complete car-buying experience. Along with a generous inventory of new and pre-owned Mitsubishi vehicles, we offer professional Mitsubishi parts and service and an expert finance team.

Our Finance Department

How our financing process works:
  • Apply for financing online
  • Leverage our strong partnerships with local and national lenders to find the best deal
  • Review our regular financing specials for a terrific deal
  • Your credit application is kept confidential

The finance department at Mike Miller Mitsubishi works tirelessly to ensure our customers from across central Illinois receive the automotive financing they deserve. We understand the finance aspect of a new car purchase can be nerve-wracking, but our friendly and experienced team is always on-hand to offer advice and guidance, with the ultimate goal of seeing you leave our dealership in a great Mitsubishi vehicle for a great price.

When you work with us on Mitsubishi financing, you’ll be able to leverage our strong relationships with numerous local and national lenders. Our extensive network allows us to shop for the best deal based on your budget and credit, and we operate with the philosophy that there’s a perfect financing plan for every Mitsubishi customer. You can apply for financing right from our website, and be sure to review our regular financing specials too.

About Car Loans

Breakdown of the basics:
  • Your credit score is a key factor in the type of car financing you're eligible for
  • Our financing specials often involve low or 0% APR for a set number of months
  • A large down payment equates to lower monthly payments
  • Determine your budget and down payment amount before ramping up your new car search

Our Mitsubishi dealership at 2007 West Pioneer Parkway in Peoria, treats each customer the same, regardless of their car-buying experience. If you’re a new buyer planning to shop with our Mitsubishi dealers, there are a couple of basics you’ll want to keep in mind. First, the interest rate applied to your loan is determined primarily by your credit score, but is also relative to any financing specials we’re running. For example, one or more of our new or used Mitsubishi cars may have low or even zero percent APR attached to it. This means that you’ll pay little or no interest for a set period of time.

Another important ingredient is your down payment, which is the amount you pay at the time of purchase. The higher your down payment, the lower your monthly payments, and the faster you can pay off your loan and own your Mitsubishi vehicle outright.

Choose our dealership for your next Mitsubishi model and you’ll work with a dedicated team committed to your satisfaction. Visit our website to get preapproved for financing and review our new and pre-owned inventories, and then visit with our Mitsubishi dealers to discuss your objectives.