FAQs: Mike Miller Mitsubishi

Mike Miller Mitsubishi is the premier Mitsubishi dealer in Peoria, IL. Our selection of new and pre-owned Mitsubishi vehicles is unparalleled, and we employ some of Central Illinois’ finest finance experts and service technicians. For a complete shopping experience, including all of your questions answered, visit us today.


Q:  Has the Mitsubishi brand won any awards?

A:  The Mitsubishi brand has won plenty of awards since its inception. Most recently, Mitsubishi Motors was named “Best All-Around Performance Brand” and “Best Economic Performance Brand” by the Automotive Science Group. Also, the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, a fantastic Mitsubishi SUV, won back-to-back Yankee Value Awards from the New England Motor Press Association.

Q:  I’m on a tight budget. Do you sell any vehicles under $15,000?

A:   We have over a dozen pre-owned vehicles on special for under $15,000. These include used Mitsubishi cars as well as top-quality pre-owned cars from other automakers.

Service & Parts

Q:  How do I go about ordering parts from your dealership?

A:  There are a few ways to order genuine Mitsubishi parts from our dealership: you can visit our showroom and talk with our parts department in-person, call us at 877.273.0662, or visit our website’s “Parts” section and submit a parts request online.

Q:  What happens to a car engine when it goes too long without an oil change?

A:   If you don’t prioritize regular oil changes and other regular services, you’ll eventually have a big problem. Old oil becomes gummy, which compromises fuel economy and engine performance. Even worse, this gummy oil will eventually dissipate, leaving your engine’s many parts unlubricated. If this goes on long enough, excessive friction will cause your engine to shut down.


Q:  Do you offer any special financing plans?

A: We do. At our Mitsubishi dealership you can explore our Diamond Lease Plan, which requires no down payment and offers low monthly payments, flexible terms, and a terrific selection of Mitsubishi vehicles to choose from, including the Mitsubishi Mirage. Also available is our Diamond Retail Plan, perfect for customers who drive a lot of miles every year, are seeking flexible terms, and would prefer to offer a down payment in order to lower their monthly payments.

Q:  Is there a disadvantage to paying cash for a car?

A:  If you’re one of the few people with the means to pay cash for a car, then you’re welcome to do so. However, the downside is you would miss out on our flexible financing, which includes low interest rates and in some cases zero percent interest over a set time period. Our take is, why make a large cash commitment when you don’t really have to.


Q: What should I bring if I want to test drive a car?

A: Just your license and proof of auto insurance.

Q:  Are you closed on Sundays?

A:  We are, but you can still shop online 24/7. One of our reps will contact you as soon as possible.