Celebrating Mitsubishi History

Celebrating Mitsubishi History at Mike Miller Mitsubishi


Mitsubishi is a carefully crafted and reliable brand.  At Mike Miller Mitsubishi, located on 2007 West Pioneer Parkway in Peoria, IL, we are excited to tell you about our brand history.  It’s origin story beings in 1870 when Yataro Iwasaki set the foundation Mitsubishi.  The three pillars of the Mitsubishi brand are responsibility, integrity, and global understanding.  In the past 140 years, Mitsubishi has been dedicated to developing some of the most innovative and substantial designs.  Over the years, it’s become clear that those values have resulted in a brand with exceptional vehicles.  At Mike Miller Mitsubishi, we are proud to have the 2019 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport and the 2019 Mitsubishi Mirage.  Our wide range of Mitsubishi vehicles will surely suit the needs of you or your family.


When Yartaro Iwasaki started Mitsubishi, it began as a shipping firm with three steamships.  Soon Yartaro’s family expanded the business into various other industrial fields.  Over the following years Mitsubishi experienced many changes and competition.  However, they stuck to their three main values of responsibility, integrity and global understanding, and because of that, the foundation for future growth was strong.  As the Yataro family continued to build and lead the Mitsubishi organization they began to diversify in everything from banking to real estate.  Their automotive origins date all the way back to 1917.  In the 1950s and 1960s, Mitsubishi participated in industry growth.  In honor of their centennial anniversary, the Mitsubishi Foundation was established to support charitable foundations and actively help the community they serve. 


The very first car that Mitsubishi sold was the Model-A, it was a pioneer in the mass-production of passenger cars.  In 1936 came Japan’s first 4-wheel drive car, the PX33.  The next iconic Mitsubishi was the Mistubishi 500.  In the international motorsports event, the Macau Grand Prix, the Mitsubishi 500 set a new course record and won best in class.  Jumping ahead to the 1970s, Mitsubishi began building a reputation with the launch of the Colt and the Galant GTO, which featured the first 4G-series engine.  In competition and races, Mitsubishi was noticed for the 1972 Colt F2000 Formula racecar and the Lancer 1600GSR, and both cars turned heads and won.  The next breakthrough was when Mitsubishi developed the Silent Shaft engine technology.  It allowed four-cylinder engines to operate with the smoothness of six-cylinder engine.  In 1982, Mitsubishi broke into the US market and introduced three new models.  In the 1990’s Mitsubishi began getting more recognition and awards.  In the 2000s, they began developing a wide range of vehicles with impressive technology and optimized safety.


Our staff at Mike Miller Mitsubishi is excited to discuss our expansive inventory.  We love Mitsubishi because it’s a reliable brand that stands out in excellence.  Come test drive one of the many models we have at our Mitsubishi dealership in Peoria, Illinois!